Through Living Truth, a weekly television broadcast, Charles Price presents historical biblical truth to literally millions of viewers each week across the world, with 21st century relevance to a growing International audience. Besides our national telecast coast to coast throughout Canada, we are on the air in the United Kingdom, rest of Europe, sub-continent of India, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Living Truth also spreads the word of God through Trans World Radio, a half hour translation into Farsi language each week, reaching primarily Iran, and also to the Farsi speaking populations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Additionally, we support through TWR a French Radio translation of Living Truth in Quebec and a Television discussion on Living Truth material in Quebec city in French language.

Charles extensive evangelistic ministry has taken him to over 33 countries. He has written several books, translated in many languages. He is the Senior Pastor of the Peoples Church, Toronto which is one of the largest churches in Canada with a cosmopolitan congregation of nearly 5,000 people.

God has positioned Living Truth to have influence and ministry both to Christians hungry for Christ-centered, biblical exposition that feeds, strengthens and motivates them, and to unbelievers who in the privacy of their own home can join the extended media congregation of the Peoples Church.

Since 1973 when The Peoples Worship Hour aired its first live broadcast, television has become a permanent fixture in our society and one of the most influential mediums of our time. The original vision of the program – that of extending the reach of the gospel beyond the walls of The Peoples Church, Toronto – still stands today. Living Truth strives to present Biblical insights in ways that anyone can understand.

The Peoples Worship Hour became Living Truth in October 2002 offering a fresh new look and widening its appeal to new viewers. As Canada’s longest running nationwide broadcast of a church service, this ministry is committed to the unchanging truth of the Word of God as the basis for everything we declare.

But truth is neither static nor stale. It is alive, fresh and dynamic. So the challenge is to take the eternal truths of Scripture and marry them to the changing world of the 21st Century in a way that speaks to the mind, heart and conscience of our generation, bringing them to a deeper knowledge and experience of God.

The name, Living Truth, emphasizes both the unchanging nature of our message (truth) and its dynamic interaction with people (living) in whatever circumstances they may be in. Our end desire is that people enjoy a living relationship with God, expressed in both obedience to God and daily dependence on God.

Charles Price

Charles Price is a family man who has a God-given ability to share Biblical insights in a way that is understandable and relevant to Christians who live in today's world. He is one of the most sought-after Bible teachers as his experiences as a man of missions, a former Bible school principal and vibrant Christian author has allowed him a certain outlook on the Christian faith. Pastor Price and his wife, Hilary, moved to Canada in September 2001 with their three children.

At the age of twelve, Charles Price accepted Christ into his life after watching a Billy Graham film in Hereford, England. After he had completed a part of his schooling, he traveled to Zimbabwe to work on a farm for two years. He, then, returned to England to attend Capernwray Bible School for another year of schooling to strengthen his walk of faith. From there, he spent three more years at the Bible Training Institute in Glasgow, Scotland.

In 1975, Charles became a field representative of the Capernwray Missionary Fellowship of Torchbearers who are based at Capernwray Hall in Lancashire, England. It was here that he became involved in itinerant evangelism and Bible teaching and, thereafter for fifteen years, led a summer conference program. By September 1993, Charles Price had been appointed as the principal of Capernwray Bible School. This position still allowed him to continue his international conference, convention and evangelistic ministry

Pastor Price has preached in over thirty countries and on almost every continent. Even now, as the Pastor at Large of the Peoples Church of Toronto, he still is able to travel and share the Word of God all over the world. He has also been given the gift of writing, whereas he has written books such as Christ for Real (first publishing in 1986 and now in its fifteenth printing) and Christ Alive (published in 1990 and now in its tenth printing).